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Brown butter white chocolate macadamia cookies
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Vanilla Cupcake
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Bailey’s Caramel Cake
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Egg-Free Pancakes
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Mint Chocolate Bars
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Chocolate Marble Cheesecake with Coconut, Lemongrass, and Kaffir Lime
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    Some things you should remind yourself daily

    • Your tummy is great
    • You have really nice legs
    • You have a really beautiful face
    • Your hair looks rad
    • You’re good enough
    • Your body is 100% normal and acceptable.
    • It’s yours and you should decorate it how you want
    • You’re hella cute

    This is not completely related to food but it is related to body image and those two go to gether a lot.

    I am so completely sick of seeing self deprecatory things everywhere. Online and in magazines and on TV and in real life. I am so sick of it. I used to have bad self esteem so I know what people are going through and I understand but I am tired of it. I am so tired of everyone hating on their bodies and hating themselves and just being stuck in a sad place and not even trying to get out. If you are someone who is struggling with low self esteem you need to do something about it. You need to find a way to make it better every day and stop wallowing in self pity and self hatred. There is no space for it in the world and no one is going to pull you out of that hole except yourself. If you don’t like feeling the way you do about yourself you need to make a change in how you think and who you talk to and the things you’re saying to yourself. 
    Seeing these things makes me so sad and frustrated. I can’t relate with any of it anymore. I feel amazing about myself, I love my body, I love my looks, and I feel very confident. So I am saying to you guys, from a place of self love, you can make it better. And there’s no reason that you should stay in the bad place you are. No more negativity. Spread positive things, even if you can’t believe it at first. You will eventually. I want you all to feel amazing. So stop filling your minds with crap and negative thoughts and stop letting other people feed you that crap.
    We, especially girls, need to stick together and empower each other and lift each other up. Compliment yourself. Compliment other people. Feeling bad feels BAD and after a certain point it’s going to be too much. You need to start NOW. Start making yourself feel good. 

    Please message me if you need someone to talk to or want support in any way. 

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Blueberry Pancakes
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mini raspberry peach pies